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Bringing People Together

Hybrid + Micro-Meeting Space in Dallas

Keep your teams connected

Solutions for Hybrid/Virtual Events include:

The ability to host a virtual meeting is a game changer for businesses, and keeps your teams connected near or far. Explore the future of connectivity with our hotel's comprehensive solutions tailored for hybrid events. Here's a glimpse into the solutions that will redefine your virtual event experience:

  • Video Conferencing:
    Elevate your virtual meetings with high-quality video conferencing solutions that bridge geographical gaps and foster real-time collaboration. Our team ensures a seamless integration of video elements to enhance the visual impact of your virtual gatherings.
  • Webcasting
    Transform your events into global or regional experience with our webcasting solutions. Reach a broader audience and amplify the impact of your message through professionally executed webcasts that captivate and engage participants.
  • Audio Conferencing
    Crystal-clear communication is at the heart of successful virtual meetings. Our audio conferencing solutions guarantee impeccable sound quality, ensuring that every word is heard with precision and clarity
  • Web Conference/Webinar
    Whether it's an internal team meeting or a large-scale webinar, our web conferencing solutions provide a versatile platform to facilitate interactive discussions, presentations, and collaboration.

The Kimpton Pittman Hotel team can help you select the right platforms for your technology, from a speaker phone to a live webcast for 100k virtual attendees.

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