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Downtown Dallas Restaurants to Dine For

The Food Files 

With one of the most underrated food scenes in the country, Dallas is brimming with memorable places to sit down to a meal — and in Deep Ellum, we’re at the epicenter of the whole diverse, delicious landscape. Whether you’re craving classic Tex-Mex or hungry for a heaping plate of chicken-fried steak, you’ll find sustenance is never in short supply around here.

Elm & Good

Find farm-fresh food in the heart of the city — think wood-fired meats and veggies — paired with creative cocktails at this welcoming American restaurant..

(469) 498-2525

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A rooftop terrace that boasts enviable views of the Dallas skyline is the star at this lively modern American restaurant with fun food and drinks.

(214) 983-1222

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Pecan Lodge

The fire pit burns 24/7 at this BBQ joint, where the meat is tender, the banana pudding is made from scratch, and the lines are worth the wait.

(214) 748-8900

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With a photogenic interior, a charming indoor/outdoor patio, and an impressive tequila selection, this Mexican restaurant sports good vibes and good food.

(972) 215-0640

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